“Conviction” NY unit

I’m on A camera today and tomorrow filming several scenes for this new TV pilot mostly shot in Canada but supposed to take place in NYC.  DP is Darran Tiernan.  Scott Maguire is operating and Ian Carmody is the A 2nd AC.  B camera/Steadicam: Afton Grant, Zach Rubin, Ian Schneider.  C camera: Laura Huddock, Diana […]

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When filling focus in toxic locations 

You do what you gotta do…


100mm, 14″

My first day on Mr. Robot Season 2, shooting inserts on stage in Greenpoint.  Back with the awesome Godfather’s “Marinara” crew.  My operator today is Brian Jackson. Rodrigo Millan is seconding. 


Company move on The Blacklist

Directed by Michael Watkins = 3 cameras at all times. Obviously. 


Power, Season 3: Last day

Time to wrap this one up. I’m happy to have worked that often on this TV show. One of the nicest crews around. Thanks, Godfather!


Final day on “True Memoirs of an International Assassin”

UPM Carrie Fix offered me to work on the last day of this Netflix upcoming feature directed by Jeff Wadlow (Kiss Ass 2).  After too long, I was very happy to pull focus for Ludovic Littee (DP of “Orange is the New Black”) on A Camera. Spencer Gillis was operating the B camera with 1st […]


MoVi action at TCS

While checking out for the final shooting day of “True Memoirs” at TCS, Paul Bode showed up his operating skills with the MoVi and the Red Weapon. Look at his smile. 


All week on “Power”

I am with Operator Scott Maguire and 2nd AC Evan Newell on B camera this week. Photo of the main unit from this morning at Foley Square.   Left to right: Scott Maguire (B Op), Evan Newell (B 2nd AC), Mauricio Rubinstein (DP), Aaron Medik (A Op/ Steadi), Joe Paolini (A Dolly).