Power Season 4

Let’s go! See you in 6 months.  DPs: Hernan Otano/Mauricio Rubinstein A crew: Aaron Medick/Godfather/Patrick Bracey B crew: Scott Maguire/Juju/Rodrigo Millan Loaders: Kaih Wong/Alivia Borab

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Never leave the Jujubox® behind!

With the famous “Chuck the Donut!”


“Mozart in the Jungle, season 3”

We are starting to shoot tomorrow in NYC! Tobias Datum is back as the DP.  Kevin Akers and Jennifer Leavitt are on A camera.  I am on B camera with Bobby Arnold as my 2nd AC.  Quinn Murphy is our loader and Sancheev Ravichandran is back as our camera PA.  We are ready, Maestro. 


My focus station

First class seat to pull focus. I’m so happy I can use my Frontbox again!


When filling focus in toxic locations 

You do what you gotta do…


“Conviction” NY unit

I’m on A camera today and tomorrow filming several scenes for this new TV pilot mostly shot in Canada but supposed to take place in NYC.  DP is Darran Tiernan.  Scott Maguire is operating and Ian Carmody is the A 2nd AC.  B camera/Steadicam: Afton Grant, Zach Rubin, Ian Schneider.  C camera: Laura Huddock, Diana […]


100mm, 14″

My first day on Mr. Robot Season 2, shooting inserts on stage in Greenpoint.  Back with the awesome Godfather’s “Marinara” crew.  My operator today is Brian Jackson. Rodrigo Millan is seconding.