Mozart in the Jungle’s Camera Crew

Left to Right: Top: Sancheev Ravichandran (Camera PA), Bobby Arnold (Loader), Zach Rubin (A 1st AC) Middle: Julien Zeitouni (B 1st AC), Julien Bass (B 2nd AC), Ian Schneider (A 2nd AC) Bottom: Pierrot Colonna (B Operator), Tobias Datum (DP), Afton Grant (A Steadicam Operator)

Welcome, Bienvenue!

Thank you for stopping by. "Mozart In The Jungle", Season 2, just wrapped and should be available on Amazon Prime soon. Please find below blogs and updates from my days on set and feel free to contact me for your upcoming projects.


It’s been a while…

Back day playing on “The Blacklist” on this fine cold sunny Tuesday. Johnny McDonald and Bryant Bailey are with me today on C cam. 


When set is on trackĀ 

I worked this past Friday on a Plate Unit for “The Girl on the Train”. We rigged 2 sets of 3 Reds built in array and filmed some background footage while the train was moving back and forth by the Hudson River. Thanks to Alex Worster and Tony Coan, now I can say I know […]


More “Vinyl”

I’m day playing on Vinyl again today, but this time on main unit doing B camera. Very happy to work with Derek Walker, it’s been too long!


That’s a wrap on Mozart!

Yesterday concluded the NYC portion of “Mozart in the Jungle, season 2”. These 8 weeks went by fast. Special thanks to DP Tobias Datum, B Operator Pierrot Colonna and A 1st AC Zach Rubin. 


Last week on Mozart

Five more days before wrapping the New York part of Mozart in the Jungle. Those 8 weeks went by fast. We are shooting in Williamsburg today.