Pascal Obispo’s music video

Using Matt Uhry’s russian Konvas camera, we shot yesterday the new music video of the very well established French singer Pascal Obispo. His new song, “Nouveau Voyage”, features the rapper Baby Bash. We spent most of our day on the beach in Venice before moving to the “Vine Bar” in Hollywood to finish the day. I was the only camera assistant, pulling focus and loading. Very busy day! Thanks to Sean for his help and Marten, our DP.

UPDATE 11/23/07: The music video has just been released.

Let’s shoot in RED!

>Andrew Shulkind offered me to work together again with the jib on a music video for Partizan.

The overnight shoot took place in a mexican grocery store in the valley. The exciting part of the project was the camera: the RED! The one we got has the serial number #30 and is obviously still not 100% ready. No viewfinder and most of the outpouts don’t work yet.

But the camera was very easy to balanced on the remote head of the Jib and we didn’t have any bugs or problems.


In Treatment wrapped 10 days ago now and it has been four days that I am working on the TV Pilot “Hackett”, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black, Wild Wild West) with Donal Logue and produced by Sony Pictures for Fox. Greg Gardiner is the DP. We’re using 2 Panavision Genesis cameras. We’ve been shooting at the Panorama City High School and will stay there for 2 more days, before ending on stage at the Paramount Studios.

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Melrose and Gower

Last week I finally joined the Local 600 and, almost in the same time, got my first job on an union show. This is a new TV series produced by HBO and called In treatment, with Gabriel Byrne (Usual Suspects) as a psychologist seeking refuge from his patients by getting his own therapist… The sets where most of the action takes place are on Stage 25 at Paramount Studios.

French Music Video

Yesterday I worked on the new Passi’s music video, a famous french rapper. We got the bridge of 6th St closed all day just for us. I was pulling focus and operating the jib. It was a very busy day but also very nice to be with a french crew. A safe trip back to Paris to the DP Michel Faburiaux!