Madam Secretary, season 6

I’m so glad to be back and day-play on the final season of the CBS hit show.

In addition to operating the C camera, I’ve been bumped up to A Camera for 2.5 days on episode 601, directed by Eric Stoltz. I’m very grateful DP Learan Kahanov, Operator/DP Jamie Silverstein and A 1st AC Heather Norton to trust me and being so welcoming. I had a blast!

Pictured: the floppy hats A team with 1st AC Heather Norton and Dolly Grip Ruark Behan.


DP Jendra Jarnagin asked me to collaborate to this music video and documentary project commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

Produced pro-Bono by Blonde+Co, the entire crew volunteered.

I was the B Operator and also filmed interviews and Behind the Scenes.

All the proceeds will be donated to various LGBTQAI+ charities around the world.

Radio City Hall

I had the chance to operate on a concert at the famous Radio City Hall last week. Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos held the stage for two hours, and I was right there myself, all handheld. Thank you to DP Bianca Halpern. And always good to work with my friend Ricardo Sarmiento.

It’s official!

After 13 years as a 1st AC and a few dozens of days transitioning, I have changed my card and am now a Local 600 Camera Operator!

I put a lot of dedication into becoming a good focus puller over the years, and I’m planning on doing the same behind the camera.

I want to show my gratitude to those who have been helping me during this transition:

My “Power” crew: Mauricio Rubinstein, Hernan Otano, Aaron Medick, Scott Maguire, Michael Garofalo, Rodrigo Millán. 

Learan Kahanov, Heather Norton, Amanda Jayne on “Madam Secretary”.

Tobias Datum and Kevin Akers on “Mozart in The Jungle”. 

Day playing on “Power”

Thank you DP Mauricio Rubinstein for offering me to operate the C camera yesterday.

It was very nice to come back to Steiner and catch up with my old Power family: Aaron Medick, Scott Maguire, Rodrigo Millan and the one and only Michael “Godfather” Garofalo!