For the last month and a half, I had the pleasure to be the B operator on the tandem units for the upcoming Apple TV’s Severance. Directed and produced by Ben Stiller, I worked alongside DP Matt Mitchell, A Op Scott Maguire, ACs Paul Colangelo, James Daly, Chris Eng John Sandin, Kansas Ballesteros and loader Marino Sanutti. Framing in anamorphic as been a real treat!

Inserts on Evil

I worked for a few days with legend DP Fred Murphy on the inserts for their upcoming new season. A lot of phones, books, various close-ups and wheel action! Thank you A 2nd AC Alisa Colley for the opportunity.

Promo work

DP Kevin Joelson offered me to work on two promos directed by his wife Rebecca for upcoming new TV shows. The first one for HBO’s Love Life and the second for Starz’s Ghost.

I had a blast working on both, especially on Ghost where I had to operate some fun crane shots!

I was assisted by 1st ACs John Oliveri and Isaac Banks.

As you can see on the video below, we got it by a snow storm!

Short Film Screening

Local 600 Queer Groups’s Short Film Screening took place on Saturday 12/07 at Arri Brooklyn Haus and was a huge success! We had big turnout of about 65 people.

We screened 11 short films, all DP’d by Local 600 members from every classification (loader, 2nd AC, 1st AC, Operator and DPs). The 1hr45mn screening was followed by a Q&A, moderated by myself! 

I want to warmly thank Keisha Simmons and Anna Nowlan from the NYC Office for their help and support, and Xiomara from the National 600 Office.

Follow the Local 600 Queer Group on Instagram and Facebook.

National Coming Out Day

What a special day to be working on C camera with my fellow queer fiends 1st AC Nicalena Iovino and 2nd AC Jay Kidd.

Thank you to Tricia Mears from “Manifest” for putting this rainbow team together!

My Ergorig on “Manifest”

Today I had a chance to use my new Ergorig on the tandem unit of “Manifest, season 2”.

I wanted to buy since I saw it earlier this year at the NAB, and got to try it on “Madam Secretary”.

It’s a great tool for handheld and surely helps saving your back. The weight of the camera is entirely taken off my shoulder and moved to my hips. No more back pain.

I’m looking forward to using it more!

Dolly work

Here is a photo taken by B Steadicam Operator Lisa Sene while I was setting up the A shot on “Madam Secretary”.

We use the dolly a lot on this show and I’m grateful to have first class dolly grip Ruark Behan to set it up right and get me where I need to be!

Madam Secretary, season 6

I’m so glad to be back and day-play on the final season of the CBS hit show.

In addition to operating the C camera, I’ve been bumped up to A Camera for 2.5 days on episode 601, directed by Eric Stoltz. I’m very grateful DP Learan Kahanov, Operator/DP Jamie Silverstein and A 1st AC Heather Norton to trust me and being so welcoming. I had a blast!

Pictured: the floppy hats A team with 1st AC Heather Norton and Dolly Grip Ruark Behan.