Running for the NEB

Local 600 Election are coming up. I have decided to run for the NEB. Below is my Candidate Statement. Please reach out if you have any questions. I hope to get your vote. Make sure to get your voice heard, our Union needs it.

I am thrilled to run for the Eastern Region NEB as a Camera Operator and proudly represent my fellow brothers, sisters, and kin.

I have been working in our industry for 25 years, 15 of these as a Union member. My desire to be more engaged in our Local started when our deteriorating working conditions proved to have a negative impact my physical and mental health, my personal life, and my overall happiness. I realized that the only way to keep doing the job I loved was for us to achieve a better work/life balance. Recently, becoming a parent has strengthened my commitment to having my voice heard.

I am also an active advocate for inclusion and visibility of our LGBTQ+ members and launched the Local 600 Queer Group in 2019 in NYC. Our social events welcomed everyone and emphasized creating new connections, education, and highlighting the work of our aspiring members.

After the last contract negotiations and the understandable disengagement that ensued, it is imperative we elect a new board that our members can identify with. We need new faces with fresh ideas, who are motivated by excitement and not by resentment. Our focus must be to listen to our members and fight relentlessly for what they have asked for long enough, including safer sets, substantial contributions from streaming and more time with our loved ones.

Thank you for your vote!


Julien Zeitouni

(he, him, his)